Things are always rose-y with Jon Hart

In college I was monogram OBSESSED, ask any of my friends and they’ll probably laugh. I monogrammed everything and wore HUGE bows in my hair 24/7. My college bestie actually had a ton of Jon Hart stuff, so that’s when I first fell in love with their brand. I’m pretty sure she still uses her pieces from college today, I’ve never seen a bag last so long.

As I get older I’m less into monogramming everything, but I’ve always kept my Jon Hart pieces because they’re classic. I love how simple the monogram is and the quality of the material allows the pieces to hold up for years. I’ve had my makeup bag from them for the past six years, and you know how hard girls are on their makeup bags… mine’s still in great condition!

The rose color, same as my bag, is brand spanking new and hint-hint to you boys out there, anything from the rose line would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Jon Hart makes everything from suitcases to clear bags you can bring to sports arenas (there’s that new sports venue rule where bags have to be clear). They also have a full mens collection if you’re stuck on what to get your guy for V-Day.

Click here to shop Jon Hart and all they have to offer!!

**I used and owned Jon Hart products well before they sponsored me, so while this post is paid for, I only review products I genuinely love**

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