The perfect fall uniform for every body type

D.C. is already on the verge of being too cold for this fall uniform, but in the past two weeks I’ve worn this combo several different ways. You can partner this dress/vest with boots, booties or sneakers. Also, I have this dress in three colors, so I’ve mixed up the dress and vest colors. Either way, this look is always easy, flattering and overall a favorite for me.

I’m going to start updating you all on things to do in D.C. as I see/do them. This past weekend my friends and I went to Tiger Fork, a Chinese bistro, and it was a hit. Not only was the food great, but the atmosphere was really cool as well. The door to enter is this unmarked red door in Blagden alley. The tables are mostly family style and the whole restaurant gives off this underground, secret, vibe. After brunch we walked over to Calico where we had these adult Capri-Suns. They were fun to drink, and of course take pictures with, but they actually tasted good!

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