Mixing colors for winter and a look into a personal part of my life

Some may look at this and see ketchup and mustard… I see a winning color combo. This look encompasses all the fall colors and it just works! Don’t be afraid to mix colors.

I talked about this on my IG stories last night, but yesterday was just one of those days. Everything felt stressful, rough, exhausting, draining and sad. I’m not above being open with you guys, I actually love sharing real parts of my life with you. Instagram is such a fake place that being real can be refreshing. I’ve struggled with anxiety for years now. It runs in my family, from aunts and uncles, to cousins and my mom… we all suffer from it. My poor mom gets the brunt of it with my non-stop facetimes, phone calls and texts when I’m in that terribly anxious place.

My anxiety always starts with a heat in my chest, that’s the first sign it’s coming. When I’m having an anxious episode everything seems wrong. Yesterday was simply one of those days where I couldn’t get myself to a calmer state. I couldn’t fall asleep and as I laid in bed I ran through all of the worries in my life, which at the time seemed massive. This morning I woke up and everything from yesterday looked SO petty. Why did I stress when it took me an hour to go 2 miles in DC rush hour, I was alive and well with no accidents or tickets. Why did I stress when I realized once again I made an error booking plane tickets, at least I can afford a ticket to California at all. Why did I let that mean lady at the gym get to me when she yelled at me for my phone ringing, I have a phone which many people in the world can’t say.

It’s crazy how anxiety can affect my mind and body. Today I wrote a list of things I’m thankful for in life, to remind myself that I’m incredibly lucky and little bumps are just that, bumps. They’re not dead ends, sinkholes or cliffs.

Today I’m thankful for my…





new apartment

ability to run/workout

cute pups

followers, who sent me the sweetest and funniest messages after my IG stories last night

**Just to name a few out of hundreds of things I’m blessed with!

2 Responses to Mixing colors for winter and a look into a personal part of my life

  1. Aunt Lynn says:

    Good for you, seeing that light beyond the darkness. As your Grandmother Messer would tell me (and probably also Randy and Lain) “This too shall pass.” My snarky response was, “if I don’t first!”

    Keep rising above the darkness.

  2. Jo says:


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