Lessons from 2017 and goals for 2018!

What a year!

I’ve been going over this post in my head for the past week now. This year was without a doubt my biggest year of growth. 2017 brought me some crazy low points, as well as the highest of highs. How do I wrap up all of this year’s lessons and experiences into one post?

I’ve always loved how honest I’ve kept Sweet Tea With Madi, and this post, like all others, is no exception. In 2017 I wrote one of my most vulnerable pieces, the one where I shared my story of that a**hole boyfriend who cheated on me, and you guys responded on a larger scale then I ever would’ve imagined. I still get messages today from girls telling me how I helped them get through their own relationship disappointments. You guys really picked me up in that weird time and I feel closer than ever to all of you. Hey, if Jennifer Aniston was cheated on, none of us are above it. The good thing that came from all of that is witnessing this strength I never knew I had. Thank you 2017 for showing me how loved and strong I am!

In 2017 I took the most incredible trip with my family to Iceland. I realized that some of my favorite memories from that trip are the moments where things didn’t exactly go as planned. I still laugh today thinking about the five of us shoving ourselves and ALL of our luggage, and at one point groceries, into the smallest rental car. Thank you 2017 for teaching me amazing experiences don’t need a lot of money, they NEED good company.

In 2017 I moved to a new city! I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and the move was meant to be. Through my transition to Washington D.C. I’ve grown more independent than I thought possible. Prior to the move I was a MAJOR homebody who couldn’t sleep alone in the dark (fun fact). I’m now living in a new city, with new people, and it’s invigorating! I also sleep alone in my apartment… big step for little Madi, like really big step… I never would’ve guessed how empowering it is to be this financially and emotionally independent. Thank you 2017 for pushing me out of my comfort zone!

Most importantly, in 2017 I’ve fallen more in love with myself.

I’m comfortable sitting alone in silence. I enjoy having a glass of wine on a Friday night and binge watching my favorite shows, just me and my wine. I look forward to opening a good book in the bubble bath, maybe even lighting some candles. I live for my long runs and barre classes. I’m good just doing me!

I’m not worried about meeting “the one”. I’m not worried about missing out on a night at the bar. I’m not worried about what other people think of me. I’m also not afraid to be put in an uncomfortable or challenging situation. I’m not worried about being too comfortable or complacent.

Going into 2018…

I’m happy. I’m present. I’m thankful. I’m excited.

New year, new goals!

Here are some of the resolutions, big and small, I’m striding toward in the new year.

Less artificial sugar. Step 1, putting only one Splenda in my morning coffee.

More barre classes. I fell in love with barre this year and I’d like to add more classes into my weekly schedule.

Being kinder. Whether this means random acts of kindness or being a better daughter, I’m going to take the extra step to make someone else feel better. This is a resolution of mine each year.

Call one friend a week. Not text, CALL.

Shop a little less, save a little more. **Try this every year and still come up short… ugh. Maybe this is the year? 🙂

Go on more walks. Fresh air and exploring my own thoughts always works wonders.

Cut down on stress by eliminating negative factors. If something or someone causes me to feel stressed/anxious, see ya lata.

Gossip less. I’m a girl… this is a hard, but important, one.

Try new things. I’m such a creature of habit and living in a new city I’ve already fallen into somewhat of a routine. This year I’m going to branch out, try new food spots, see new sights and take full advantage of the cool city around me!

GROW the blog! Make more Youtube videos. Create new content. Take better care of my little baby, Sweet Tea With Madi.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and cheers to being the best us in a new year!

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  1. Mary says:

    Wow ! Lots of exciting things going on. You have some great goals for 2018, I hope you “nail them”….. Happy New Year. xo

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