Velvet sneaks and the best pink sweater

This sweater looks so simple, but the fit is amazing. I’m not sure if it’s the color, neckline or overall cut, but this sweater looks so good on (comes in multiple colors). You’re going to see these jeans a ton throughout fall and winter, I’ve probably worn them 20 times since I bought them two weeks ago. I think the reason I love them so much is the length and how they look with booties and sneakers.

Read on to see where I’m heading in March!

Sooooo, this weekend my friends and I were bar hopping around 14th street, a street of bars in D.C., and we came up with this idea to take a trip. Well, after MANY Moscow mules we decided on Paris. To be more exact, we were sitting in McDonald’s stuffing french fries in our faces around 2am when Paris came up. The next morning we talked about it some more and decided this drunken idea was actually amazing! There’s nothing better than a good girls trip and what better city than PARIS!!!? We bought our tickets the next morning and will be heading to Europe for a week in March. I’ve never been to Paris, all the other girls have, so I’m really looking forward to exploring, shopping, drinking and being with the best people for an entire week!

Always love recs from you all and we still need to figure out our lodging, leaning towards AirBnB, so if you have any suggestions email me or comment below.

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