Simple fall look & shoes under $40

I snapped these pictures while strolling through my new neighborhood this past weekend. I know a lot of you have been interested in the move and how I’m adjusting, so I’m here to tell you that everything’s been great. Overall, the move was much easier than expected and I’ve fallen more in love with D.C. than I ever would’ve imagined. My favorite thing about my new apartment has to be the location! I can walk to groceries, my gym, bars, shops and pretty much anything else you can think of. My new nail salon gives you free wine, so that’s another D.C. bonus ha ha.

I stepped into this new place and space knowing it would be difficult, but mostly I was excited. This is the first time in 6+ years where I truly have no idea where I’ll be/what I’ll be doing in 6 months. Is that scary? Hell yes! Is that exciting? Hell yes! After two weeks I can honestly say that I’ve never felt stronger, more independent or more determined.

On a lighter note, this casual look is going to be on repeat this fall. I’ve posted these shoes a few times on Instagram stories and you guys have LOVED them, so here’s an idea for styling them.

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