How I edit my Instagram pictures

This is a question I get asked every other day through Instagram, and while each picture edits slightly different, I tend to use somewhat of the same methods every time. Bloggers are all about keeping their feeds in sync, some keep all of their pics bright, while others dig vintage vibes. I try to keep my pictures in an orange vibe with a little piece of that vintage vibe. I hate when pictures look too clear or professional. This is my preference, but I do recommend keeping a flow and consistent style when editing your Instagram pictures if you’re working to get into the blogging sphere.

Here’s what the picture looked like fresh off my Canon Rebel T5i camera.

I shoot (well technically Riley does) in manual, so my pictures are pretty clear and well lit prior to editing. This is step by step of how I got my final Instagram picture.

  1. I always start editing in the app Facetune 2
  2. Click the filter icon and scroll over to the Gossip set of filters, I use all of the Gossip filters, so each time I click around and see which one works best for coloring. For this look I chose GS3 and left it at 50%- Facetune 2
  3. The only other tab I use on Facetune 2 is the retouch tab, although I use it for different reasons than you’d expect. The whiten tab is great for whitening backgrounds, or for example the snow, like I did here. The details tab is good for running over your hair to create a texturized look- Facetune 2
  4. Once I’m done filtering in Facetune 2 I save the picture and then move over to VSCO
  5. Once in VSCO I may re-filter the picture through the Legacy filters, which I purchased. I only use Legacy filter #6 and for this picture I put it up to 5.0- VSCO
  6. I always sharpen my pictures to the fullest, 12.0- VSCO
  7. Another go-to is the warmth tool, which I put up to 4.0- VSCO
  8. Sometimes I tint my pictures towards the right, creates a pink vibe, but I didn’t use that for this picture- VSCO
  9. ALWAYS grain my pictures, for this picture I went up to 3.2- VSCO
  10. This is it for VSCO so I save the picture and now move over to Instagram for the few final steps
  11. Once on Instagram I put the sharpen up to 100, like I said, I love sharpened pictures- IG
  12. I then play around with shadows, for this one I put the shadows up to 2- IG
  13. I love the color icon, I always click the shadows side of the color icon and put it on the second color from the left- orange, and depending on this picture I play around with how much to use, for this one I put it up to 11- IG
  14. Structure is one that I only use once in a while, for this I put it up to 5- IG
  15. Back to the warmth tool for a little more color, I put it up to 5 for this one- IG

That’s it! Ha ha, I act like it was a simple process… it’s always a challenge. I will usually edit the same picture 2-3 times and then see which finished product I like best.

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