Grey for days

Welcome to my new hood. I love being able to walk out my front door and wander down these adorable streets. Just imagine how amazing it’s going to be when those trees start changing colors! This FL girl is way too excited for fall.

My parents were in town this weekend and it was the best. Riley and I took them around to all the tourist spots, we ate way too much food and caught up. It’s still so crazy for me to think that two months ago I was living in Florida with no plans to move and now I’m here, in Washington D.C. Everything happens for a reason and I love where I am today! I can’t believe I thought I was happy then. Having all of these new experiences has shown me that I wasn’t happy or myself. I wasn’t enjoying my twenties and I see now why I was placed in that unfortunate situation. I needed to be thrown out of the nest so I could really start living life. You’re only young once and I’m finally taking full advantage of that. In a few months I am confident I will look back and be so thankful for the way things fell into place.

**The sweater linked is showing as pink, but click on the image and you’ll see all the color options, including grey**

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