An easy activewear look for weekday errands!

Fun fact: I work from home and wear activewear every single day of the week, unless I’m heading to dinner, lunch or a meeting.

Activewear is such an easy outfit for running errands, grabbing coffee, shopping etc. so I’ve recently started growing my active wardrobe. This entire look is budget friendly because who wants to dish out mega bucks on a t-shirt, although I do love the occasional LuLu Lemon look.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of my IG stories about food and dinner prepping. After Memorial Day weekend I felt so sluggish and gross. I spent the entire weekend drinking and eating poorly so my body was completely off when I got home. I finally decided to make a change and see how long I could go with a new food routine.

Here’s what I’m trying to do:

Eat less simple carbs and more complex carbs

Eliminate foods with a ton of added sugar

NO dairy (doing this for my stomach and my skin)

Drink more water

Eat out less and cook in more

So far I’ve made some yummy meals and I feel good!! I have more energy and less bloating (sorry for that extra info). I’m going to keep posting food inspirations and tips on my IG stories so make sure to follow me! @SweetTeaWithMadi

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