Chic street style for less

I’m really digging this street style look, and you’re going to be digging the price of these pants and the bag.

I’m all about the palazzo pant trend, have them in 5 colors, and these are my newest addition to the collection. I love the color combo and I think the sweater brings the full look together effortlessly.

This Monday I started week 5 of my BBG workout program. I’m still loving the structure and at this point I can see the biggest changes in my arms. My friend was in town this weekend and I forced her to join me for a full body Friday circuit session, she loved it! I’ll continue to post about the program and my results through my Instagram stories. Make sure to follow along!

One Response to Chic street style for less

  1. Katwell says:

    You seriously pull off everything. You’re so beautiful! Also love these pants. So so so much.

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