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2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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I’m on YouTube!!!

Ahhh! This is a completely new area for me and it’s definitely going to be a learning process. I need to figure out lighting (my natural lighting changed throughout the video thanks to those random Florida thunder storms), stop saying “ummm” and I need to stop squinting my eyes. Now you guys are only going to concentrate on those things… ha ha. I’m honest with myself and know this will take time to master, but I’m excited to continue putting out YouTube videos and get better with each one.

Have a fun idea for my next YouTube video? Comment below, email or comment on the video. I’d love for you all to subscribe 🙂

Without further adieu, the 5 minute summer glow make-up routine:

5 staple pieces to add to your summer wardrobe

Summer is officially here, y’all!

One of the things I do every season, without fail, is invest in a few nicer pieces that will pair with a lot of other inexpensive pieces. For example, I’ll buy a really nice pair of boots in the Fall and then I can pair them with a look from Forever 21 (superrr cheap). Suddenly, my Forever 21 sweater looks designer just by being next to my nicer boots. Hope that makes sense… I’m trying my best to explain my weird thought process here, haha. Invest in a few nice pieces and then use those to spruce up lower budget items. These are the top summer staples I’m investing in this year-


Denim skirts are BIG this summer and if you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen me wear mine a handful of times already. I get a ton of compliments each time I wear mine and it pairs so perfectly with all my summer tops!


Just like every Fall wardrobe needs a LBD, every summer wardrobe needs a LWD. I love to wear my dress with fun colored shoes or I add a high-waisted belt (finally got my Gucci belt that I’ll be wearing non-stop this summer with dresses).


If you haven’t noticed already, one pieces are back in style and they are AH-Mazing!


Get on this comfy bandwagon, because this style is here to stay! I love these because I can wear them with dresses, shorts, jeans and pretty much any other outfit you could think of.


I bought my first boater hat this year after seeing a bunch of bloggers wearing them and now I’m completely obsessed! I’ve worn my hat with outfits and of course with my swimwear, but it looks really cute worn either way. I’m pretty good about keeping my face out of the sun and this hat has made it even easier.

An easy activewear look for weekday errands!

Fun fact: I work from home and wear activewear every single day of the week, unless I’m heading to dinner, lunch or a meeting.

Activewear is such an easy outfit for running errands, grabbing coffee, shopping etc. so I’ve recently started growing my active wardrobe. This entire look is budget friendly because who wants to dish out mega bucks on a t-shirt, although I do love the occasional LuLu Lemon look.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of my IG stories about food and dinner prepping. After Memorial Day weekend I felt so sluggish and gross. I spent the entire weekend drinking and eating poorly so my body was completely off when I got home. I finally decided to make a change and see how long I could go with a new food routine.

Here’s what I’m trying to do:

Eat less simple carbs and more complex carbs

Eliminate foods with a ton of added sugar

NO dairy (doing this for my stomach and my skin)

Drink more water

Eat out less and cook in more

So far I’ve made some yummy meals and I feel good!! I have more energy and less bloating (sorry for that extra info). I’m going to keep posting food inspirations and tips on my IG stories so make sure to follow me! @SweetTeaWithMadi

Brunching with Hawaiian Tropic

I’m sharing Hawaiian Tropic in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™” #AlohaTherapy

One of my favorite weekend activities is brunch… let’s not judge the fact that my activity revolves entirely around food, but I love me some afternoon wine and carb overload. Luckily, Florida has had the most AMAZING weather which has made sitting outside for brunch a must.

Favorite Orlando brunch spots:



White Wolf Cafe

Santiago Bodega


I’m all about being tan but I’m always paranoid about getting sun on my face. Besides wearing lots of summer hats I’ve recently become obsessed with adding Hawaiian Tropic® Silk Hydration™ Face Lotion into my morning makeup routine. I love how it goes on like a lotion but protects like a sunscreen, it’s some kind of magical unicorn sunscreen lotion!

I’m working on a makeup tutorial for my YouTube channel (in the works) and I realized just how many of my skin care and beauty products are from the drugstore. I’m always looking for drugstore products that work just as well as high-end brands, and this Hawaiian Tropic product is no exception. You can pick up Hawaiian Tropic at Walgreens to earn free gift cards by using Shopkick.

Why you should add jersey dresses to your closet this summer

This summer combo is going to be your new BFF.

Three reasons I’m loving jersey dresses:

  1. Comfort
  2. Ease
  3. Flattering

Oh and by the way, this is such an easy look to recreate, without spending too much mula. I get so many compliments when I pair my jersey dresses with sneakers. This outfit seems so simple to me, but for some reason people love it. I’m always cold, like if it’s anything below 75 degrees I’m chilly, so this denim jacket pairs perfectly for dinners when I know I’ll need a little extra coverage. I’ve linked some jersey dresses with ruching below, which are EXTRA flattering on any body type.

Happy Friday! This was my first week back after traveling and it was full of playing catch up and running errands. I’m ready to be on vacation again.

Instagram roundup

For all my pictures that didn’t make it to the blog…

I wore this look for a day of park hopping around Disney and it was perfect for the activities and weather (sooo hot)! Also, these denim shorts are the only brand I wear now, like I have 5 pairs of this brand’s shorts… they’re that good.

Can you tell that I love my Adidas? I have them in black and gold, but the pink ones are on my wish list. These are the best sneakers for casual looks and the price is great (under $100).

I’ve been wearing this white skort on repeatttttt. You guys! This is a perfect summer staple piece, because you can dress it up or down and it goes with everything. Also, love my Hammitt crossbody.

Another pair of shorts from my all-time favorite denim brand and how cute is this tank? I bought my first lace bralette and now I’m addicted. They’re the best things to wear under tanks and tees.

My followers on Instagram went crazy for these jeans… and they’re under $100!

Looked high and low for the perfect dress to wear to Kentucky Derby and this one was the standout winner!! I LOVE this dress and it’s seriously so flattering.

Ruffles & rips

Do you ever have an outfit that works so well together that you keep it all together in your closet so you can keep repeating the entire look? This is one of those outfits for me. First off, my designer shoes are on MAJOR sale for under $45. Then, there’s this ruffle top, which I found last week (comes in 2 colors), that’s also a steal for under $35. These are my go-to ripped jeans and if you follow me on Instagram you probably see them way more than you’d care to, but they are my absolute favorite and they work with any look.

Tomorrow I head off to Kentucky Derby, my first time, and I’m beyond excited… even though my flight takes off tomorrow at 5:45 am….. Follow me on Instagram for lots of pictures and videos along the way.

Hair care basics

I get SO many hair care questions through the blog, IG, snapchat and Facebook, I figured I’d finally (long overdue) create a post answering all of the FAQs about my hair. Also, let me make it clear that nothing in this post is sponsored, it’s all stuff that I genuinely love and use day-to-day.

Hot tools:

I used the T3 wand for the past year or so and LOVED the results. The wand gets extremely hot, which is great for holding curl, but if you curl your hair as much as I do it can really take a toll on your hair quality. Side note: I always used it on the full heat setting so that may have been my problem, there are 5 heat settings total. The T3 is perfect for the person that curls their hair 1-4 times a month. I will eventually go back to using my wand, but I really needed to get my hair healthy again, so for now I’m using this cheapo depo curling iron I picked up for under $22- linked below. I saw one of my favorite bloggers, SomethingNavy, using this product and thought what do I really have to lose by trying it.. I mean it cost less than a dinner out. I’m shocked by how much I ended up loving! This iron is definitely a little harder to get the hang of because of the clamp (using a wand is SO much easier) but I like how these curls come out and it’s a fun change.

I NEVER use a blow dryer… don’t even own one. I really think one of the reasons my hair is so long and grows so quickly is the lack of another hot tool in my daily routine. I usually shower before bed and go to sleep with wet hair.



One thing I’ve learned this year is the importance of heat protectants for your hair!!! I never used protectants in the past, but when my I woke up one day to a million broken baby hairs around my hairline I knew I had to start taking better care of my hair. I spray the Style Sexy Hair product all over my dry hair before curling. At first it’ll feel like your hair is oily and wet but be patient and let it dry before you use your hot tool and it’ll work like a dream!

**I love all of Big Sexy Hair’s products so if you’re ever looking for a new hair product they are a great go-to brand you know you’ll always love and can trust.


As far as post curling goes, I like to use a sheer hold hairspray to fight the Florida humidity and keep my curls going for an extra day or two. After my hair is all curled I lightly brush through everything with my wet brush (linked below- best brush for wet or dry hair) and then flip my head over and lightly spray my hairspray all around. Don’t put the hairspray too close to your roots, focus most of the product from the middle of your hair to the ends. Once I’m all sprayed up and it’s dry I go through again with my wet brush to keep the curls from looking too curly Q.


 I have two dry shampoos I switch between, Oribe and Batiste (not the blonde version, the original). Batiste is more of my everyday dry shampoo because it’s cheap and gets the job done, also comes in yummy fragrances. Oribe is the product I go to when I’m trying a little harder because it’s AMAZING but more expensive so I like to save it if I can.


 For this I truly don’t have a huge preference. I don’t ever re-buy the same brand back-to-back because it’s good to change product periodically. Right now I’m using Pantene, but last month I used Finesse.


 The last product, which also happens to be my absolute FAVORITE, is the salt spray below- purple bottle. You guys, I swear by this stuff!!! This product doesn’t just work great for beachy curls, but it really works for any hairstyle. My pet peeve is flat hair and this stuff is great for adding a little ummph to your look. The price is a little more than I normally like to spend on product, but I promise you it’s so worth it. All Oribe products are great, but they tend to be on the pricier end of things.


Here’s the brand I wear. Color: Sandy Blonde #18.

This is something entirely new for me, so let’s just go into this section knowing I’m by no means an expert on extensions. I first got this idea in my head thanks to Amber Fillerup, one of my idols in the blogging world, and also the creator the extensions I wear. If you’ve been following me for a while, I only started wearing extensions about a month or so ago. My natural hair is the same length as the extensions, but I wear them for volume and to allow me to do fun braids/new styles.

The extension pack comes with more than enough hair, here’s what you get:

Length: 21″

Each set contains 10 wefts (160 grams):

1 x 8″ weft (4 clips)
1 x 7″ weft (4 clips)
2 x 6″ wefts (3 clips)
2 x 4″ wefts (2 clips)
4 x 1.5″ wefts (1 clips)

For my everyday look I wear 2x of the 4 clips (7″) and 1x of the 3 clips.

Putting them in is super easy and only takes me a minute or two. I start at the bottom of my head and work my way up.

I do my first row of clips 1″ above the bottom of my hair line, then I put down another layer of hair, about a 1/2″ above the clips and add another row, and so on.

Here’s the final look!

Extension Q&A:

Do I wash my extensions?

Like I said, this is new for me, so I haven’t washed them yet, but I found out there are shampoo and conditioners that are made specifically for extensions, so when I do wash I’ll use those.

Can you swim in them?

You can, and Amber Fillerup is known for wearing hers all day everyday so if you ever want tips on swimming in them I would go to her blog. I haven’t yet, and honestly I don’t plan too. My hair is fine without extensions so I won’t wear them in unnecessary places like the ocean.

Did they match my hair?

I was lucky that the first color I ordered matched my color almost exactly. The best thing about Barefoot Blonde Hair is that they send you a little mini strip of hair that you can take out of the box to test against your own and if it doesn’t match you can return the entire package.

I’m going to do another post solely for my extensions once I’ve had more time to use and know them.

Final hair care tips!

I only wash my hair 2 times a week. Your natural oils are so healthy for your hair and if you wash it too much you’ll never get those great nutrients and moisture.

Dry shampoo is what keeps me going from wash to wash.

I trim and highlight my hair every 8-10 weeks (only highlighting the top half of my head).

I don’t take any hair growth vitamins and honestly don’t really buy that they even work.

My stylist always tones my hair to be an ashy blonde in order to better blend with my natural hair tones. Toner is key at the salon!

Purple shampoos are great and I try to use it 3-4 times a month to keep the brassiness away.

I’ve had longer hair for about 8 years now, but it definitely wasn’t always this long, I rocked a serious bob in middle school.

ALWAYS curl away from your face and don’t curl too close to your roots.

Sleep in a scrunchy to keep your hair curled but fight tangles.

Summer graphic tees to go ga-ga over

One of my favorite, and easiest, summer looks is a graphic tee and denim shorts. I wear this look for running errands, lunch, brunch, hanging around the house and pretty much any casual daytime event. I’ve linked some of my top picks for graphic shirts below, including this adorable “squad” top, which is SO cheap (under $10).

Let me just apologize for how rough my roots are looking in these pictures. I am so weird when it comes to getting my hair done, I always end up pushing my appointment back to get it as close as possible to any big events I have. Honestly, I needed my hair highlighted like 2-3 weeks ago, but then I looked at my calendar and saw that I had hotel trips and Derby coming up so I pushed my appointment back to have my hair looking FRESH for those things. Yes, these past two weeks I’ve been using dry shampoo to make my roots look less dark, oh well, gotta do what I can.

I’ve never highlighted the bottom half of my hair so if you see that dark blonde/strawberry blonde color in my curls that’s my natural color. I’m also trying to get my hair healthier, because all of the curling has damaged my hair so badly, so I’ve tried to get highlights less often. Being blonde can be so much work sometimes… I’m heading to the hair salon tomorrow and I’ll be showing you what my hairdresser does to get this color on my IG stories.