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Gift guide for TEENS

Blanket scarves and boots

This is such an easy look, you guys! I’m all about putting together an outfit that’s comfy, easy and still manages to look trendy. I love blanket scarves because they’re inexpensive and they really do keep you warm. I always stuff one in my bag when I’m going out for the day and then pull it out when the temps drop, or when I’m at a restaurant (I’m ALWAYS cold when I go out to dinner).

And yes, this is the same dress you see me wearing all the time… but honestly, it’s just SO flattering. Can’t stop. Sorry.

If you want to hear a funny story behind this shoot head over to my IG stories now!

Christmas guide for HER from him. Send this link to your guy!

Boys…. sometimes they can be so clueless. If you’re having trouble putting together a list to send your guy, or you need more ideas for a girl on your list, this is for you! I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I’m the kind that sends my family a full wish list, and sometimes I even pick things out in person. I would rather know what I’m getting and pick things I genuinely need/want. All of these goodies are things that can be used over and over again, which is the best way to go when shopping for your special someone.

Here are some notes from the list above:

The perfume is my absolute favorite, wear it every day and always get so many compliments. I think it’s fun for a guy to gift girls a scent and know it’s his.

The jewelry travel case is GENIUS and something she probably doesn’t even know she needs, but the struggle of packing jewelry is always so real.

I have a Gucci belt and it’s one of the best investments I’ve made, wear it a ton with dresses, jeans and shorts. I promise, this is one you can’t go wrong with.

Diptyque candles are well worth the price, they will smell up an entire space! Then, once the candle has completely burned the glass can be used to hold jewelry, makeup brushes and other knick knacks.

These boots are a designer dupe and the price is amazing right now, so buy them while they’re still available and marked down.

The mirror is great for girls who are into their makeup/beauty routine. Which is most.

You can’t go wrong with great luggage! I love the rose gold tone of this set.

Alright girls, share this on your Facebook, send him the link in an email or just flat out tell him which of these items you’d like! 🙂

Steal his shirt and add some otk boots for a fun fall look

I’ve never loved a button down this much. Not going to lie, this isn’t an outfit for windy days, as you can probably see in some of the pictures above. Riley, my little brother and photographer (kind of), kept telling me to stop twirling and put my arms down. Sorry if you’re one of the 20 people I accidentally flashed while taking these pictures.. I love the mixture of the oversized look cinched with a belt. Also, these over-the-knee boots add in a super chic element. Where could you wear this look? I’d wear this for shopping, happy hour, date night and pretty much anywhere else other than a strict work place.

You guys!! My apartment is full-blown decorated for Christmas! The tree is up, the stockings are hung, the cinnamon candles are burning and I’ve got Christmas music blasting 24/7. It’s amazing!! Well amazing for me, Riley’s already over it.

Christmas guide for HIM

My first gift guide of the season is here, and because all my girlfriends keep asking, it’s a guide to buying gifts for that special guy in your life. I always try to stick to one good basic, like any of the items above, and one creative/thoughtful gift. Buy your guy something he needs and something that’ll remind him of you, the perfect combo. If you can’t find a thoughtful gift head to Etsy. I’ve done personalized Nike sneakers from Etsy as my thoughtful gift and there are a ton more ideas on there.

The perfect fall uniform for every body type

D.C. is already on the verge of being too cold for this fall uniform, but in the past two weeks I’ve worn this combo several different ways. You can partner this dress/vest with boots, booties or sneakers. Also, I have this dress in three colors, so I’ve mixed up the dress and vest colors. Either way, this look is always easy, flattering and overall a favorite for me.

I’m going to start updating you all on things to do in D.C. as I see/do them. This past weekend my friends and I went to Tiger Fork, a Chinese bistro, and it was a hit. Not only was the food great, but the atmosphere was really cool as well. The door to enter is this unmarked red door in Blagden alley. The tables are mostly family style and the whole restaurant gives off this underground, secret, vibe. After brunch we walked over to Calico where we had these adult Capri-Suns. They were fun to drink, and of course take pictures with, but they actually tasted good!

Velvet sneaks and the best pink sweater

This sweater looks so simple, but the fit is amazing. I’m not sure if it’s the color, neckline or overall cut, but this sweater looks so good on (comes in multiple colors). You’re going to see these jeans a ton throughout fall and winter, I’ve probably worn them 20 times since I bought them two weeks ago. I think the reason I love them so much is the length and how they look with booties and sneakers.

Read on to see where I’m heading in March!

Sooooo, this weekend my friends and I were bar hopping around 14th street, a street of bars in D.C., and we came up with this idea to take a trip. Well, after MANY Moscow mules we decided on Paris. To be more exact, we were sitting in McDonald’s stuffing french fries in our faces around 2am when Paris came up. The next morning we talked about it some more and decided this drunken idea was actually amazing! There’s nothing better than a good girls trip and what better city than PARIS!!!? We bought our tickets the next morning and will be heading to Europe for a week in March. I’ve never been to Paris, all the other girls have, so I’m really looking forward to exploring, shopping, drinking and being with the best people for an entire week!

Always love recs from you all and we still need to figure out our lodging, leaning towards AirBnB, so if you have any suggestions email me or comment below.

10 songs to add to your workout playlist

I’m sorry, but how freaking AMAZING is this silver puffer jacket for winter!! Thanks River Island for sending this jacket to me and making all my silver dreams come true. Also, I need to get a lot more leggings in my closest because things are getting COLD in D.C. and I’m not prepared…. I’m writing this post from my parents house in Orlando, FL where it’s in the 80’s and I spent the day laying out by the pool. I’m in for a rude wakeup call tomorrow when I get back to the city.

Music always sets the pace for my workouts and keeps me motivated, so I figured I’d share some of my top song choices with you all! I made a BBG (bikini body guide) playlist on Spotify, from when I did the 12 week BBG program, that you can always follow. I’m always adding in new songs and changing it up, just search Madison Messer on Spotify and you’ll see it!

  1. Kanye West (all of his songs are good for cardio) : Black Skinhead
  2. Demi Lovato : Tell Me You Love Me
  3. Miley Cyrus : See You Again
  4. Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj : Bang Bang
  5. Imagine Dragons : Thunder
  6. Taylor Swift : …Ready For It?
  7. Demi Lovato : Sexy Dirty Love
  8. Rihanna : Shut Up and Drive
  9. Beyonce & Jay Z : Crazy In Love
  10. Chris Brown : Run It

A new take on denim jackets

Sometimes you just need to whip out your hottest outfit, look in the mirror and feel that confidence. Girls need to know that there’s a difference between being confident and being conceited… don’t be conceited. Confidence is an amazing thing for us women to have and spread, and I think we need to work harder to do so. Ok that’s enough preaching from me today… ha ha.

I got this long line denim jacket from River Island, which has recently become one of my go-to spots for online shopping! I definitely stuck out wearing this look around D.C. 🙂 but it’s SO fun, I couldn’t help but wear it while it was warm.

Instagram Recap

Here are some of the looks you may have missed from my Instagram.