A Valentine’s Day date night look and why I’m treating myself this year

I bought myself flowers this year, and you know what, I LOVED it. No shame in treating yourself. I get so frustrated when my girl friends let men dictate their lives. Throughout the last year I’ve learned that finding your own happiness will attract positive energy. If you’re not content with yourself, you’ll attract negative energy. Stop thinking that someone else is going to bring you something that you can’t find yourself. My mom laughs because I always call her from the store, debating whether or not to buy something big (like a watch or jacket) and I ALWAYS, without fail, justify it by saying “I’m treating myself”. I have to tell you, buying something for yourself is insanely more gratifying than being given it.

This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself, whatever that may look like. Buy yourself a massage. Grab a handful of roses and put them on your nightstand. Get those earrings you’ve been eyeing. Take a bubble bath with good wine and a good book.

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