5 staple pieces to add to your summer wardrobe

Summer is officially here, y’all!

One of the things I do every season, without fail, is invest in a few nicer pieces that will pair with a lot of other inexpensive pieces. For example, I’ll buy a really nice pair of boots in the Fall and then I can pair them with a look from Forever 21 (superrr cheap). Suddenly, my Forever 21 sweater looks designer just by being next to my nicer boots. Hope that makes sense… I’m trying my best to explain my weird thought process here, haha. Invest in a few nice pieces and then use those to spruce up lower budget items. These are the top summer staples I’m investing in this year-


Denim skirts are BIG this summer and if you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen me wear mine a handful of times already. I get a ton of compliments each time I wear mine and it pairs so perfectly with all my summer tops!


Just like every Fall wardrobe needs a LBD, every summer wardrobe needs a LWD. I love to wear my dress with fun colored shoes or I add a high-waisted belt (finally got my Gucci belt that I’ll be wearing non-stop this summer with dresses).


If you haven’t noticed already, one pieces are back in style and they are AH-Mazing!


Get on this comfy bandwagon, because this style is here to stay! I love these because I can wear them with dresses, shorts, jeans and pretty much any other outfit you could think of.


I bought my first boater hat this year after seeing a bunch of bloggers wearing them and now I’m completely obsessed! I’ve worn my hat with outfits and of course with my swimwear, but it looks really cute worn either way. I’m pretty good about keeping my face out of the sun and this hat has made it even easier.

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